Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!!

Dan here, today is a great day cuz it's my little sweety's birthday. I'm a little bummed cuz she is in Utah partying it up with all her family while I am here in Texas all alone. But I'm sure she is having more fun there anyways. But I still wanted to say Happy Birthday to her, and let her know I love her. I thought you guys might be interested to know few things about Lindsey that she won't ever put on the blog but I think are great, interesting, funny, and special about her. Hope she doesn't kill me:

1. She is in love with Oreos, and she will only eat the Double Stuf kind. But it doesn't end there. She always splits two of them in two, and takes the two halves with the cream on them and puts them together to essentially make a quadruple stuf Oreo. When I finally get around to eating some, I find a box full of one sided Oreos with no cream. Blah.

2. Her name does not end in 'AY.' That's the lame way. It's with an E. And people always screw it up, and I bug her that she should straighten people out and she just laughs and doesn't care at all, I guess she is just too sweet. All I know is if people were messing my name up I would set em' straight.

3. She sleeps with more clothes on than anyone else I have met. Given, I haven't slept with anyone else. She has full-on battle gear when she goes to sleep sometimes to stay warm. She will get all tucked in too and then beg me to tuck her pants into her socks to keep the air out of them. All this to keep that itty-bitty body of hers warm.

4. For being such a tiny girl, she can eat like a horse when she wants. My jaw dropped one night when she ate a Carl's Jr. 6 dollar burger, Wendy's chicken sandwhich, Taco bell burrito, fries and more all in like 10 mins. We were basically cruising down Bulldog Ave. in Provo stopping at all the places she thought sounded good. Amazing I think.

5. She loves cats, but I wont let her get one because they are basically the dumbest animals on the planet. So we are trying to settle on a dog to get.

6. She loves sushi. 4 years ago she wouldn't touch the stuff, but I converted her. Sunset roll, all the way.

7. Her dream job would be to work with Candice Olsen on HGTV. She adores interior design and really wants to get her degree in it soon. I'm behind her. She's got some serious skills.

8. She was in love with me the moment she set eyes on me. (Same with me)

9. She is conviced that we are having 2 boys and 1 girl. I don't know why she is convinced of this. I think some gypsy read her palm or something and told her this. But I have the boy names picked out already so it's cool.

10. She can lay down the law on Mario Kart Wii.

11. She is pretty much the greatest girl in the entire world, and it's not hard to see why I love her so much. Happy Birthday Sweets!


Linda Boren said...

WooHoo Dan! What a sweet post. We are definitely missing you out here in Utah (can't wait for you to come for Christmas...) We are taking good care of the birthday girl in your absence, but this post is just the best!
Love, Linda

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

I agree! LindSEY is so much fun! I loved getting to know her better when we all lived in UTAH!!! Another thing I love about her is that she puts the craziest things on baked potatoes!!!

Happy Birthday Lindsey!!!

Love the Shelleys

Blake, Mandi, and Browen said...

She is WAY talented. i want her to fix my house! hope we get to see you soon. ..comming to utah for the holidays?

Susan said...

Great Post Dan. How can you not love Lindsey! She is beautiful inside and out. She is kind and sensitive and funny too! Happy Birthday Lindseeeeeeee! We love you here at the Walker Home.

Rachael said...

That was sweet Dan! Happy Birthday Lindsey! Hope you had a great day!

The Jensens said...

This is so sweet. Happy Birthday LindsAy, oh wait, that's "the stupid way" I meant Lindsey. Love ya!

The Jensens said...

This is so sweet. Happy Birthday LindsAy, oh wait, that's "the stupid way" I meant Lindsey. Love ya!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Happy Birthday Lindsey! You have a very cute husband to dedicate such a sweet post to you!

k.m.b. said...

happy birthday!!! hope it was a good one!

Jamie said...

hope you had a great day lindsey! glad you are in utah...i know how you have missed it so! : )

Devry and Cody said...

Happy B-day Linds! That was a cute post that Dan did on you! I can relate with a few on that list (funny)! If your ever in Utah and have some extra time, please call me I would like to see you!

melimba said...

dear dan,
good work. that was such a sweet post!
also, I am so "honored" that you enjoyed my post about the great Sufjan Stevens. Wonderful, right?

that's all.
HaPpY BiRtHdAy, LindsEy!!

Mark and Caroline said...

Wow!dan, that was so sweet, as everyone has said. to post all that cute funny things about your wife, i'm jealous, the only time my mark has writen in the blog was when my dog had bright green poop. but lindz, i love ya chica. i'm glad we have been friends for so long and i hope you had a great day. we'll have to get together sometime for your christmas vacation.