Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey Day

Us Walker's really broke out of our shells this Thanksgiving and did something we have never done before. We cooked part of our own Thanksgiving dinner!! Usually we bum off of our parents hard work and eat their wonderful food each year. We had our feast with some of our friends, the Dunford's. It turned out really good and was way better than our original idea of going to Golden Corral. But now there is an extremely dirty kitchen and a sink full of dishes still to do, so the Golden Corral idea doesn't seem so bad after all. This was our first Thanksgiving away from family, but we still had a great time, and had some really delicious food.
The lovely hosts.

Our pies that we baked, and all the good food.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!


the Clan Walker said...

I can smell that Turkey! Hey glad your Thanksgiving was fun. Its all about family and friends.
We enjoy the usual great food at the Golden C.
Hey dirty dishes are a downside but at least you have leftovers. I'm craving a turkey sandwich about now.

Mark and Caroline said...

holy cow. i'm impressed. mark and i were talking on our way to his parents and decided that if we move and it's just us then we'llgo out for thanksgiving because of the stress i would go through over baking a turkey. you guys are awsome and how fun to have friends to celebrate it with. and i wasn't bashing you for putting up christmas.

Jamie said...

glad you guys had a good thanksgiving, even if you were away from family. looks like you had a great little feast! hope you are enjoying life in texas as much as we are! oh, and that pic of you two in your blog header is way cute! : )

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you had a great Thanksgiving with good friends. Cooking and eating the final product is fun, but not the clean-up!

Janika said...

As soon as I moved out of the house I was too far away from family to spend the holiday with them. I learned how to cook it myself early, though we did go with the boneless breast for starters.

Janika said...

....And that's how I know I should never make homemade rolls.