Thursday, March 1, 2012


It's been a while since I wrote about what's been happening around here. The past couple of months have been wonderful and we are enjoying the benefits of 4th year and having Dan around a little more. Not to mention, this winter has been the best winter we have ever experienced with very mild weather and many days in Jan. and Feb in the 70s and 80s.

In the past couple months we have gone to the zoo, played at the mall play area, taken a trip to Austin for 3 days, taken Max to the park at least a few times a week, and of course, eaten out every weekend.

Max is at such a fun and difficult age right now. He is a complete joy in our home. He is a little stinker though, and is starting to get more stubborn every day. He throws fits, whines, and cries with the best of them. But he's still my perfect angel!

Here are a few things he is up to- he throws everything into the bathroom tub. If something is missing, we look in the bathtub. I have found my phone, keys, pacis, spatulas, you name it, I have found it in our tub. He bounces his bum up and down to music like he is dancing. He will be having a complete melt down in his bed after he's woken up from his nap, but immediately after picking him up, he starts chatting away as if nothing was ever wrong. He still loves to push around his toy walker, and when I am vacuuming, he plays "bumper cars" with the vacuum and his walker. He loves it when we put his shoes and socks on, but hates to have his diaper changed and being dressed. He loves green beans and cottage cheese. Other than these two foods, it just depends on the day whether he will like what we feed him or not. One day he will love something, and the next day he can't stand it. His one true love is milk. He would drink milk all day if we let him.

Here are some pictures of a few of our latest outings.

Enjoying the warm weather at the park.

At the Dallas Zoo. The boys' faces look greasy because of the sunscreen.

Max was terrified of the giraffes who would stick their heads over their fence.

One of the many mall play areas. Hope where ever we move to has these play areas. Max loves them.

We are working on getting rid of the pacis during the day and just using them for naps and bedtime. I don't know who's more addicted to them at this point, Max or me. I'm just not ready to part with them, they make my fussy baby calm and quiet. But the time has come and we are making a real effort to not use them during the day. Wish us both luck.


Noelle and Corey said...

He is a darling! Pacis....I started taking Zoey's away during the day right as she was getting sick, and she was so fussy! I'll have to try again soon... Good luck!

The Ellis Fam said...

He is so big, the last time I saw him he was just a few months old. You NEED to call me next time you're coming to town. Miss you, hope to talk to you soon.