Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Father and son

There's an undeniable bond between these two. Max seems somewhat unsettled when Dan is away for long periods of time. The love this little boy has for his father melts my heart. Max's eyes light up when Dan enters the room. When Dan comes home from school, we all have a mini party. Max adores Dan, and the feelings are mutual.

In Austin

At the Dallas Fort Worth zoo

Max giving me glares because he thinks I might try to take him away from Daddy.

Christmas morning

Max's first birthday

Pinching Daddy's nose at Cane Rosso

Dan has surpassed my wildest dreams of marrying a good man that would make a great father. I am in awe each and every day at how selfless and loving he is when it comes to Max. I love that we both share the same joy, excitement and obsession over our son.


Kristin said...

What adorable pictures!! that Max is quiet the cutie! aren't husbands that love their kids the greatest!! ;)

Kayley said...


Lesli said...

They are so cute! Linds you and your family are so precious! I just love 'em! And seriously could Max get any cuter?

Jamie said...

What cute pictures of Max and his Daddy! Hope you guys are doing well. We need to hang out soon!