Monday, June 13, 2011

Lemons for dinner

Dan gives Max lemons to eat all the time. Yes, you read that right, he gives the boy straight up lemons. Dan thinks it's funny when Max sucks on them without making any "sour faces". The other night we were out to dinner and Max started to fuss a little. Dan suggested that we give him a lemon to make him happy.

Desperate to not disturb our neighbors at the restaurant, I gave Max a slice of lemon, and sure enough, he was in heaven! He ate 3 of them like they were candy, and did not make one single funny face. This kid will not turn down any food. (I am contemplating bringing lemons to church to help us all get through those 3 hours.)

Here's the proof- that yellow thing in his hand is a lemon and he sucked that thing dry.

Isn't he scrumptious? I just can't resist kissing those chubby cheeks.


Jeff and Brandi said...

LOL! Just reading this post has my mouth watering and going crazy. PS... I'm still waiting for the 3 hrs of church to get easier and my child is 3!

Kristin said...

He is so cute!! His faces are so adorable!!

hapi said...

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Cammi Olson Bates said...

ahh!! my mouth is watering like crazy! such a cutie. i can't believe he has no reaction. what about pickles? we have given Braea tiny little tastes and her face goes nuts and her eyes water, but she loves it!! I want to squeeze those cheeks!