Monday, May 9, 2011

6 months

Per grandparents request, lots and lots of pictures.

This little boy just turned 6 months today, and I have to say it's my most favorite stage yet! Even though I didn't think it possible, every month just gets better and better. Mr. Max is a big boy. In fact, that's one of the first comments most people make when they see him. We get stopped in the grocery store, mall, and pretty much every where for people to tell us how huge our baby is, (and of course how cute he is too.) Partly, I think it's because I am so short, and it just looks kinda funny when I hold a 6 month old baby that is the size of a large one year old.

Max is in the 90% percentile for height and weight. He is weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds 10 oz. He is wearing his 12 month clothes, and eats 6-8 ounces every 4 to 5 hours. Max has been a complete dream, and is such a happy boy. We call him Bubbas, Wittle Wiggles (cheesy, I know,) and Mellow Max because he is a really chill baby. He has large, chocolate brown eyes, and the cutest pouty lips.

He loves his bouncer seat and would sit in it all day if we let him. He laughs at everyone and everything. He still isn't a huge fan of tummy time, but is getting better every day. The cry it out method has been a complete success, and he is now sleeping from about 8 p.m. to 6 or 7 a.m. It was rough to get through that first week, but so worth it.

Classic Max smile, big, wide open mouth!

Our cat, Neeko, loves Max. Cat and baby sleeping together is never, ever allowed unless we are there to supervise. Otherwise the cats are in a completely separate room then where our baby sleeps. Safety first!

Now slow down Max because I don't want the next 6 months to fly by as fast as the first did. I am not ready for a one year old yet.


The Jatens said...

He is adorable! I love the new pictures. I love looking at new pictures of my little nephew! I still need to send you some clothes. :-) Cade just outgrew 12-18 months, so I should get that to you before Max outgrows them. Love you and love that sweet baby.

Kristin said...

He is so cute!! and yes he is such a big boy! Him and dean are almost the same size! yeah for him sleeping!! that is so so great! your such a great mom!! miss you! xoxo