Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We fed Max solids for the first time the other day. He was exactly 5 months old. I know we are supposed to wait until he is 6 months, but a pediatrician at Dan's school suggested that feeding Max solids might help him sleep through the night. I am all for that idea!! So far, it has not helped one bit.

His eyes are red and watery because the poor little guy had a rough day and had been crying.

He didn't really pull any funny faces. He didn't love or hate it. It was actually quite uneventful. He can't possibly be a Walker. We are all food lovers. I thought for sure he would be gulping it down. Correction, we are lovers of good food. Garden vegetable baby food does not count as good food, so there still is hope for Max after all.

** Max said, "ma ma" for the first time today! He is 5 months and 3 days.


Kristin said...

Dean didn't like it at first either. i got so frustrated. i took a break. then started again. now he gobbles it up. prefers it over the bottle at times. your max is adorable!! hope this helps with his sleepless nights...and yours too. poor thing.

The Durrant Family said...

Ok. I seriously cant look at pictures of that little kid without wanting to almost cry. He is soo dang sweet and handsome. I am such a proud aunt. I really miss you guys. And Im so proud of Dan and his food column. I cant read anything he writes and not want to be there with you eating whatever it might be. And you Linds, look beautiful and so happy. This motherhood thing really suites you. I want you to know that Mark and I talked and we would love to have you stay with us. Anytime! for however long! I would just be thrilled with it. Love you guys