Friday, April 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom

I just wanted to write a quick little post dedicated to my wonderful Mom. Today is her birthday. We are sad to live so far apart and not able to celebrate with her. I won't tell you what birthday this is for her, but you would be shocked because she doesn't look a day over 35. This lady is pretty amazing. She's incredibly beautiful and she's a genius as well. It's not fair that she got the beauty and the brains.

Not only is she totally gorgeous and smart, but she is a fashionista, classy, has her MBA, speaks French, and is very talented. She can sing like a bird, cook yummy AND healthy food, and is a great listener. I call her, and talk her ear off for over an hour. When I think back to the conversation, I realize I have talked about myself the whole time, and she has said nothing about herself. I know she loves our talks because she wants to connect with me. She loves just listening, which is truly a gift.

She came to Texas for 3 weeks to help me with Max when he was born, and I will never forget her kindness and selfless service for our little family.

Mom with Max a week after he came home from the hospital.

Mom with my nephew Cade.

I love you so much. Happy Birthday Mom!


Clinton and Jessica said...

what a sweet post to my fabulous Aunt Linda....Happy birthday to you!!

The Jatens said...

Wow, Linds, what a great post! You are so cute!!! I love you mom, happy birthday!

Linda Boren said...

Wow, I want to MEET this lady!
You make me sound way better than reality, which is a reflection of your kindness more than anything about me.
I love you, too, my sweet daughter. Thanks for making my birthday a happy one.