Saturday, January 1, 2011

Max's blessing

While we were in Utah, we were able to bless Max. It was especially special because we had a double blessing. Max was blessed with his cousin Eleri! It was fun to have the whole family together and show off our new babies. Ashley and I had a great time quoting, "the blessing" with the same tone the old grandpa says it in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. Ya, we thought we were funny, I think we were the only ones though.

We learned our lesson about taking pictures in the church cultural hall. They turned out awful, as you can see. One of these days I am going to save up enough money to buy a really nice camera and take professional looking photos.

Eleri and Max- the two stars of the show

Dan with his Dad and brother Sam

The Walker family

My Grandparents- The Borens

My Aunt Wendy and Uncle John

My Grandparents- The Clarks

The Boren family- see what I mean by the awful pictures, they are so yellow!!


Kristin said...

how fun!!!! you look so good as usual!! we are blessing dean tomorrow i am so excited! miss you

Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

It is always fun to have family around for a great event like this. Max is so darling! Congrats.

The Jatens said...

What fun memories! Let's bless the next 2 together too! ;-)

Linda Boren said...

What a cute variety of pics, lucky the camera battery lasted! Looking at them made me REALLY miss you though! What fond memories we created.
Love, Mom