Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where has my girl gone?

It's been a while since we have heard from Sarah McLachlan, where's my girl? She needs to put out some new material, none of this re-mix business, I need a new, solid album. This self proclaimed biggest Sarah McLachlan fan would pay 500 bucks, that's right, 500 to see her in concert. Come on, if Make Me a Witness doesn't make you cry, I don't know what will.

We have heard from all the other ladies, Dido, Imogen Heap (new album coming out this year), Jewel. Now I need the master, Sarah to come out with something new!

Maybe I love my girl Sarah so much because she has sentimental value for me. Every one of her songs are closely tied to a memory of my younger years, like reaching my running goals, getting through best friends moving away, or when I finally broke up with the jerk I should have dumped long ago in college. She has been with me throughout high school and college, friend and boyfriend dramas and triumphs. When ever I am going through a crisis or a really exciting time, I plug in some of my favorite tunes and it helps me process the issue.

I have listen to other girl-type music over time and have enjoyed it, but Sarah McLachlin is the old standby. I hope we hear from her soon 'cause she's my favorite. Also, thanks for all of your sweet comments about my cat. I really appreciate all the support. We still miss our little guy, but every day gets better.

What's your favorite Sarah McLachlin song? I know there are many Sarah lovers out there. Or any of your other favorite girl artist? (To help me find some new music until Sarah steps it up)


k+m said...

i'm in love with sarah as well. her entire afterglow album is a mantra to my life. if you get tickets to her next concert, i'll so go with you!

Mathie Fam said...
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Mathie Fam said...

to let you know.. on sirius satelite radio they said that Sarah had taken a break but is writing again. she is not expected to be done for at least another year. I heard this little blip the other day in the car and somehow committed it to my long term memory so that when I feel as you do I can remember that it's only another year (or so) that I'll have to wait! I love Sarah too. I just put one of her songs on my blog for fun listening!

Linda Boren said...

Who was the jerk in college?? Most of the guys you dated were pretty cool...

But if you want to talk MEGACOOL, let's talk about the guy you married!

Just a random question....
Love, Mom

Lindsey Walker said...

Yes, mom, All the guys I dated were cool, except for one I dated up at USU in Logan. I will call you with the name, so I don't hurt anyone's feelings :)

D'Lonna said...

I agree I love her stuff. I sang one of her songs for a talent show once and won my husband over with it.

Cody, Devry and Felicity said...

Love Sarah! Her music soothed my soul through some rough times! She does have some classics! I am glad that things are getting a little better after losing Jay and hope that they continue to do so.

Mark and Caroline said...

true true post. what happened to the music that said exactly what was going on in life. so you know that i've olved country forever but i love talor swift right now. i know it's super trendy right now but still. love story is one of my fav.'s, it's marks ring tone. another one that takes me back like sarah used to is i'm not your princess. gosh, not that i like to think about the bozos in ly past but i like it cause it incourages confidence from those bozos. listen to it and tell me what you think.

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