Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Our computer is on the fritz right now so we don't get on very often. I am hoping it will last long enough for me to post an update.  Life has been crazy busy lately.  In May, we went on a vacation of a lifetime, a ten day cruise to the Caribbean with my family to celebrate Dan's graduation from medical school.  We left Max with my mother in law and close friend Camilla. Although I knew he would be in good hands, it was still hard to leave my baby for that long.

We enjoyed ourselves in the Caribbean, relaxing and catching up on some much needed sleep. When we got home, Max wouldn't come to us for a few minutes.  He quickly got over his initial angry reaction for leaving him and wouldn't let me out of his sight for two weeks.  He was so clingy and wouldn't even go to Daddy.  I have to admit, I kind of liked it.

In June, my amazing husband graduated from medical school.  We have both worked hard for this over the past 4 years.  I got teary eyed as he walked across the stage and received his diploma.  We now have 5 more years until he is officially a Mohs surgeon, (a dermatologist that specializes in skin cancer surgery).  I remember thinking 4 years was a long time when we first started medical school, but the time has flown by.  I know these next 5 years will fly by just as quickly. Before we know it, we will finally settle down into a home of our own, preferably near family.  Until then, I am trying to keep an open mind and positive attitude about living in Arkansas.  It can't compare to our beloved Dallas, but we are meeting new friends already, and I am hopeful that we will enjoy these next four years in Little Rock.

Max is almost 20 months and is getting more and more personality each day.  He amazes me at how smart he is, and how quickly he learns things.  He is the greatest source of joy in our lives, and I can't imagine life without him.  He can talk a lot more now, and is much less whiney than he used to be.  I decided that for me, 13-18 months is a hard time.  Babies at this age can't tell you what they want and so they whine and cry a lot, (at least that's how Max was.)  Since I don't know what is wrong, I can't always help.  I don't really love that stage.  Over the past month, Max's communication has really improved, and although he still throws temper tantrums, at least I know what he is screaming about!  He is still such a delight in our home, and there isn't a night after he's gone to bed that I don't start to miss him.

We moved to Little Rock, Arkansas two weeks ago and Dan officially starts his residency on July 1st.  We are all dreading it.  It's been so fun having him around more often, and I think Max is going to really miss spending time with his daddy.  It sure is a sacrifice to become a doctor!  Over the next year, we will see very little of our Dan.  The first year of residency is the worst,  and all we can do is just hold on and get through it. The next 3 years of residency will be much more tolerable because Dan will be on a Monday- Friday, 9-5 schedule, (one of the best perks of being a dermatologist resident.)  Then the final step will be a one year fellowship in Mohs surgery, and possibly another move for just that year.

Dinner on the cruise.

          Dan's graduation.  His parents and my parents were able to join us in the celebration.

Dinner at Fearings to celebrate graduation.

                                               Cutest little boy in the whole world.

I am now 20 weeks and 3 days pregnant, but who's counting right? :) This pregnancy has been very different from my last.  The first 3 months I was extremely sick and pretty much in survival mode.  I also had a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is basically a blood clot that forms between the membranes of the placenta and uterus, and could cause a miscarriage.  That was sure a scary time!  I was placed on light bed-rest for the first 14 weeks of this pregnancy.  Luckily, the hemorrhage went away on its own.  Now I am feeling great, just gaining weight like crazy.  I gained 7 pounds in less than 2 weeks, and am getting close to a 20 pound total weight gain already, ahhh!  I am trying to accept the fact that I will never be one of those tiny pregnant girls.  I will always be a 40+ pound weight gainer. No matter what I do these dang lbs keep packing on.  Oh well.  Truly, I know that a healthy pregnancy and beautiful baby is what really matters in the end.

We are getting more and more excited everyday to welcome a baby girl into our family.  I am nervous about how Max will do having to share his parent's attention.  It will be an adjustment for us all.

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