Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Utah Trip

Max and I went to visit the fam in Utah. The airplane ride there was quite an adventure. Let's just say a 9 month old baby does not like to be confined to his mothers lap on a small airplane seat. However, he was a perfect angel on the way home.

I forced my sister, kicking and screaming, to go with me to our ten year high school reunion. At first I was apprehensive about going, but had a great time chatting with old friends and was glad we went. We had a birthday party for my dad and over 50 family members came! Cousins had fun playing together and Grandparents loved squeezing on the babies.

Dinner at Cafe Rio.

All the babies- Max, Eleri and Cade.

Little Ella Bella.

Max and his Aunt Wendy.

Max's great grandparents.

I swoon over this boy.

Max's cousin Lucy turned two and had a birthday party (With Dan's sister, Autumn).

Lucy's mom, Lindsey (Dan's sister), was the mastermind behind the whole party.

The birthday girl was tired and a bit overwhelmed by the attention.

Lucy's birthday decorations were so adorable! Linds and Sue did a great job.

Miss sassy pants herself- Capri.

My Bff and twin sis Ash.

We had a great time, but loved coming home to see Dan after the trip.

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Jamie said...

looks like you guys were busy! so much fun though! we need to get together soon, i miss ya!