Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Entryway table dilemma

There are so many fun furniture styles, fabrics, and lamps that I am really loving right now.
Like all these beautiful ideas I found via pinterest.
(Pinterest is just encouraging my love affair with all things amazing for home decorating.)

I could just die over these patterns and color combinations.

Ziggy rug I need you.

This light blue table is incredible. It makes my heart sing.

I always itch to re-do and change everything in our apartment, but since our budget is tight, I just have to make do with what we already have (sigh). To get a new look without spending money, I like to re-arrange decorations around the house. That's what I recently did with this entryway area. The space is okay, but could use some more pizzazz. I want to make it a little more edgier/colorful.

I have a dilemma and need your help. I am contemplating painting this entry way table and mirror an antique off-white color. I think the black works in this space, but I am trying to update our style in the apartment to a more light and fresh look to replace the dark colors we currently have. Do you think I should leave it black or paint it white??? Or maybe paint the table green and the mirror white? I just can't decide!!

Thanks for all your help with the really tough, serious decisions in life. ;)


Kalli said...

Lindsey--DEFINITELY white! Or another color would look amazing too. But I'm really afraid to paint anything an actual COLOR myself. You should ask Erin. Her bright blue piano will probably convince you that color is the way to go!

Jules w/ LovelyandCo said...

I like the idea of a green table and white mirror. Or you could do that pretty blue color from the table above :) Can't wait to see pictures of what you come up with! And dont worry...I have the same problem with our decor :P

Lindsey Walker said...

Yes, yes Kalli, I have seen Erin's piano and I covet it!! I plan on painting a tall dresser in our dinning room a turquoise blue already- pics will come soon, so I am leaning more towards white for this table. Thanks!

K. Halligan said...

I totally agree with you! However, I recently re-decorated my living room completely and MADE money! All because of bargain shopping and re-finishing things... It's still not the style I would love in here but it's a change and someday I'll get to the light colors I want more of... I've been slowly adding in white though and taken out my black and it's helped a lot. I would do the end table an antique white and do the mirror a rustic yellow-why not be funky if you like that style?! You may not have a ton of yellow now but if you like the yellows and blues, etc., start small and once you start youll realize you'll be able to change a lot to match those colors...Plus you don't have to have a ton of color, you can start with your neutrals and do pops of color and slowly change it to what you really want and yellow goes with most colors anyways. I totally get the NO BUDGET thing (which is so different from people who just have a small budget) You can get frames for like .50 cents at salvation which are so fabulous and cheap to spray paint in fun colors... :)You could also sell that end table for probably $150 on ksl and find one at the DI or Salvation Army (end tables can be tough to find though) and re-finish it and have money leftover for other things... :) Good luck!

Kristi said...

Linz, have you ever looked at this blog: littlemispennywenny.blogspot.com ?? It could give you some fun ideas. She also does tutorials so you can see how she refinished the furniture. A-MAZING.

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Unknown said...

Hi! I just spend quite a while searching for where the photo of your entryway came from after seeing it on Pinterest. I was hoping you would be able to tell me where you got the table from! It's hard to find a nice console table, which is what I'm looking for now. Also, where did you shop for the decorations on the table? It looks great as photographed, by the way. I was shocked to see that this post reveals that you wanted to change it!