Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Dan!

Dan had a birthday on Wednesday. It's his last year in his 20's. Can't believe he is almost 30 years old. We are getting old, where does the time go? We did a little family celebration on Wed where Dan opened up presents and got some balloons. But the real party was tonight. We went to his favorite pizza place, Cane Rosso.

Max enjoys the birthday balloons. They have kept him entertained for 4 days now.

Dan helped me make him a homemade banana birthday cake.

I got him some chocolates from Dude, Sweet Chocolate. Stupid name, delicious chocolates.

After the festivities, we went outside our apartment and just hung out as a family on the grass. Max played with sticks and we took about 100 pictures of him doing the same thing. Dan and I looked at the pictures together after Max went to sleep, and oohed and awed over how cute we think our baby is.

Dan, we love you. We both thank our lucky stars that you are ours forever. Happy Birthday.


Kristin said...

Happy birthday! You both are so young! I married an old man! lol what a yummy looking cake! you look amazing as usual. and your max boy is getting so big!!! so cute!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

i can see why you oohed and awed over that little chunkster! He is a stud! Happy birthday to Dan!

Beck said...

All I can say is that Dan is one lucky man to be married to such a breath taking beautiful woman!! Seriously woman your gorgeous and I may still hate you for it!

Lindsey Walker said...

You all are too sweet! Thanks so much :) Christie, if I lived in Utah I would LOVE to watch baby G for you!