Monday, May 30, 2011

Dinnertime for Mr. Chunks

I couldn't resist posting these pictures of Max, even though they all look pretty much the same. He is making the cutest faces in each picture. I had to refrain myself from posting about 10 more. Seriously, does this little boy not just melt your heart? He is so stinkin' cute.

Hand over the food and no one gets hurt

This little boy is happiest when he's eating. Can you tell?


The Jatens said...

Cute baby boy!!!! He is adorable! I miss him.

Kristin said...

HE IS SO CUTE!!! what a handsome!!

Beck said...

He really is so adorable. Max and I should be best friends because Im the same way with my food! Love food!!!!

The Durrant Family said...

Oh I wish you would have posted 10 more!! So darling. I love him