Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seven Years of Unbridled Love

Hello everyone, Dan here. Just making my annual appearance on the family blog to share a few words about my little Sweetie Pie. Today we celebrate our 7th anniversary! Seven years of love, passion, humor and joy. Seven years and still no itch! Not even a tickle. But with a woman like mine, how could something like that ever happen. I got myself a real steal when we wed 7 years ago. It was such a glorious day! How do I start even describing the wonderful journey we have been on together? The stories could fill volumes, but maybe I'll just share the Reader's Digest version.

Sparks first flew for the two of us many years ago, way back in 1998 (Geez, I'm getting old). One cold winter's morning, my friends and I were doing our regular Saturday routine, hitting up the slopes of Brighton for some snowboarding, when suddenly, I beheld what I thought was surely a snow angel descended to Earth. Surely, I thought, my eyes were playing tricks on me, some cruel effect of high altitude and snow blindness. For I laid eyes on the most lovely creature in the galaxy, bundled up in winter's clothes, gliding, nay! nearly floating, gently across the soft white powder on a pair of skis. Resisting the urge to faint on the spot and risk traumatic injury on my difficult triple black diamond ski run, I found myself able to strike up a conversation with her at the bottom of the hill. She was surrounded with friends, but they are all a blur in my mind, for to me there was only one. Slyly, I positioned myself correctly so that we could share a lift up the next hill. As we ascended the hill into the wild blue, my heart soared also. The chemical attraction between us, the perfect blend of personality, the seemingly seamless conversation, it was all magic. It was undeniable that love was blooming on that mountain. The future flashed before my eyes, a future with this wonderful woman in it...babies, houses, vacations, family dinners, even cats. It was all there. I knew that she must be mine for ever.
Luckily, it was basically smooth sailing from there on out. We both were equally helplessly in love from the beginning and before you know it we were married. (Somewhere along the way I seem to remember school, a mission, a few tiny break-ups, and an engagement, but those are all minor details)

Anywhooz, there you have it. We are just two star-crossed lovers. Fated to be together for all eternity. And eternity isn't nearly long enough. I could never imagine my life without my Pookie-head. She is my best friend, my biggest fan, my support, my confidant. She has given her life to me, and I feel like I can never do enough to repay her. To say she has made sacrifices to help me get where I am today is a gross understatement. She is my favorite dining companion in the world and is quietly patient with my restaurant obsession. She has endured countless nights of having to go to bed alone so that I can study late into the night. And she has given me my little man, Max. By far the greatest thing anyone has ever given me (including the Martin Guitar she gave me on our wedding day). She has made me a father, and that's something I'm forever grateful for.

Okay, now that you are all probably sobbing on your keyboards from all this heartfelt display of affection, I will conclude by saying simply, Lindsey, I love you. I always will. Happy Anniversary!


Kristin said...

I seriously am sobbing on my keyboard! that was the cutest post! Linds your a lucky gal and he is a lucky guy! miss you girli!

Lauren said...

This is hilarious! Congrats you guys! happy anniversary! :)

Toby and Tammy said...

Happy 7 Years!! Sweet post Dan-props to you. Glad we have you in the family.

Happy Love Day!

Susan said...

Wow Lindsey. You have the big guy's heart and soul! You can't go wrong with that. I am so proud of both of you. Life isn't easy but it sure is wonderful when you have someone you love by your side sharing it all. Happy anniversary you two. I love all three of you. Bring on more grandkids!

Lindsey Walker said...

Sweetest most thoughtful post ever. I made a good choice 7 years ago! :)

Layla said...

Such a sweet post! Happy anniversary. Miss you both!