Monday, March 7, 2011

Big Boy

Max is growing up way too fast. He learned a couple new skills this weekend. I am amazed at how much these little ones develop and change in such a short amount of time. This weekend Max learned how to roll from front to back, and how to grab toys. Each milestone he reaches brings me sheer joy, but also makes me a little sad.

Max is 4 months tomorrow, and I have to say that so far this is my favorite stage! He loves it when we roughhouse with him, and he is laughing and smiling at almost everything. I beam with pride when I am told he is looking more like me lately.

Dan and I have been calling Max chubs, stinky, and stinker. We're feeling bad because this little boy gets called smelly and fat all day long. We are trying to think of more flattering nick names for him.

I love this picture of us. We were taking a walk and I was whispering into my babies ear.

Max loves being on daddy's shoulders!

Dan started a new blog. Guess what it's about. Food. Surprise, surprise. It's a pretty nifty blog. Check it out here.

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Kristin said...

he is so adorable! i bet it is nice having people tell you he looks like you!he does. dean only has my eyes. miss ya! keep up with the cute pictures!