Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Isn't it funny how watching The Bachelor brings out the cattiness in us all? I noticed this in myself as Hubs and I curled up on the couch Monday night to watch this ridiculous, yet addicting reality show. (Come on, admit it, I know you watch it too!) I caught myself criticising these girls every move, even down to analyzing their appearances. Who am I to judge others? I feel awful about it. This brings me to my topic of discussion. I am a little hesitant to address this subject because it might be considered controversial. I want to discuss weight. Yes, I am going there. I hope I do not offend anyone.

Let me preface this by saying that I believe a women has much more to offer than just her looks. I am grateful that I have the health and physical well-being to do what I need to do throughout the day. Family, health, and happiness are more important to me than dress size.

When I was younger, I was a lot chubbier. I remember a hurtful experience that happened in 9th grade. A boy that had a crush on me pointed me out to his brother, who then exclaimed, "How can you like her? She has a huge butt!". When I started high school, I decided to stop feeling bad about my body and start doing something about it. I began to work out religiously and lost some weight. By the time I entered college, I had lost a significant amount of weight and I was much more comfortable in my skin. My weight loss journey helped me realize that my size is less about the numbers on the scale, and more about being healthy and feeling good about myself.

After pregnancy and gaining a lot of weight, (thank you French fries) I was determined to lose the weight healthily. I had done it before and that gave me the willpower to do it again. But I have been surprised by some of the comments people make. If offered a cookie, and I reply "No thank you, I am watching what I eat," Often I get eyes rolled and responses such as, "That is so ridiculous," or, "It doesn't matter if you eat that. You're too concerned!." Why is trying to be healthy considered too concerned? If I ate whatever I wanted, I could never reach or maintain my weight goals. I have also heard these same statements said to Dan over the past 4 years that he has been eating healthier. I understand that no harm is meant. I am not offended. I just find it an interesting comeback to healthy desires.

Don't get me wrong, I do occasionally indulge by having some of my favorite foods. What would life be without hamburgers or chocolate? Most skinny people do not starve themselves or eat salads all day. No normal person can do that for long.

Another comment that is far from the truth is, "You are so lucky, the weight has just fallen off!" For me, luck has nothing to do with it. I have worked my bum off (literally). I am not naturally skinny. There are surely some who are more genetically gifted to stay thin without having to bother with calorie counting and sweaty workouts. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

Why do you think eyebrows are raised when one refuses sweets but nothing is said when one says no to broccoli? I really hope this isn't coming off the wrong way, it's just been on my mind lately. Let me know how you feel about this issue, even if you disagree. ;)


amylynne said...

First of all, we need to start discussing Bachelor!! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who watches it!! haha!

Secondly, I completely agree. Being healthy is so much more than a number--no matter what you weigh, we should all be "watching what we eat"--within reason of course!

I felt like the second time I was losing baby-weight I got a lot of the comments you mentioned. "Oh you look great, why do YOU need to lose weight?" I really don't have an unreasonable weight goal for myself at all--it falls completely in the normal range for my height and body type. But it took me 6 months post-baby to get there, and I worked my butt off to get there, too!!

Anyway, I think you look great. You're beautiful on the inside and out! I'm going to go catch up on Monday's episode so we can discuss Brad the next time we talk... haha ;)

Jill said...

yes definitely! Its like everyone wants to make you fat so they can all feel better haha! I know how you feel i worked out 5 days a week during my pregnancy and i still do i definitely have to work to stay thin and i still feel like im never achieving it. You honestly are one of the cuttest girls i have ever meet...seriously no joke. You really do look good. But if you want to start working out at the YMCA with me i would LOVE a new buddy!! Im going to start up again soon.

The Jatens said...

Isn't it funny how it's okay to turn down HEALTHY food, but if you turn down a desert, people get upset at you? I think it's great that you take care of your body. Love ya!

The Ellis Fam said...

I think watching what you eat is great. I have NO will power at all. I have been trying to loose the baby weight now for a year and a half but I'm not good at dieting and I haven't been good at working out regularly. So I got a 90 day gym pass with a friend and now that I have a work out buddy again, you will always be my favorite one tho, I'm working out again. I'm kinda watching what I eat, really just eating more healthy food and hoping that fills me up before I want dessert. If I don't start seeing improvements after the first month then I'm going to have to start killing myself with a diet. I agree with not caring about the number but caring about health. I see the nation getting fatter and being limited. I dream of traveling the world and we probably wont be able to do most of it till we are much older and our kids are all grown. I want to stay healthy so I can do all the exciting things where we go. I also want to teach my children to be healthy and active. If I want them to be active I need to show them how to be active. Kinda funny, one of my friends likes to be frumpy in pj's when she is home, she goes out a lot and gets dressed up and stuff but when she's home she get her pj's back on. Her daughter is 18 months and already loves her pj's too. She gets her dressed cute every day but an hour later she's in trying to put her pj's on. EXAMPLES!

Lyndsey Swindlehurst said...

I agree with you 100%. I feel like society wants us to always indulge ourselves..we are definitely social eaters. And I too have to work extremely hard to lose weight and keep it off. Right now I have decided to get back in control over what I eat because lately I feel horrible about myself...probably because I haven't had the will power to turn down treats! I wish everyone could be on a similar page about eating healthy so it wouldn't be so hard! Love you Linds and you're absolutely beautiful!

randj said...

I have wondered at these same things my entire life. It really doesn't make sense to me. Every Thanksgiving I can remember at my Grandmas house I preferred to eat the veggies and fruit and rolls. I never ate the turkey and potatoes etc because of taste preference. And every year I was told I was anorexic and ridiculous even though I had a HEAPING plate full of veggies, fruits and rolls. Who knows what peoples deals are? But I think it's awesome that you have such awesome self discipline. If you have any advice on how that can rub off on me, let me know. :) Love ya!

Noelle and Corey said...

I can't believe you ever struggled with weight--you look so great! To me, it is all about not overindulging (too often, anyways!). I eat just about whatever I want--but if I eat too much of it, then I have to make up for it by exercising more or eating less junk over the next few days. It's much easier if I don't let those indulgences pile up, because I am not a dieter. I just try to watch what I eat on a regular basis. :)