Thursday, November 25, 2010


We had a great Thanksgiving. It was so fun to have family in town. My parents were here to celebrate with us. My mom has been in town for the past few weeks helping us with Max, and my dad just got in town on tuesday. Max was an angel boy and slept the whole time we were cooking, but woke up the second his mamma sat down to eat! I guess my days of eating a hot meal are over, but he is so worth it!

The beautiful Thanksgiving table

The grub

My parents and I


Kristin said...

how fun! you got to have your mom and dad there! you look usual. love ya!
P.S i love the pic of little max at the top!! He is adorable!!

Scott & Christie Lamb said...

How fun!! I want to see more pics of your little turkey! And babe, did you really just have a baby cuz I'm pretty sure you look like ya didn't :-) you look great and I'm so happy for ya! Miss you!

Cammi Olson Bates said...

you are lookin so great linds! Max is such a cutie... i love him already!
I'm glad you had a good thanksgiving and got to have family there with you!