Friday, February 19, 2010

Life is Good

Two years ago, Dan and I were faced with the significant decision of where we should go to medical school. As I look back on my old blog posts, and read through that time in our lives, all those emotions come back to me like it was yesterday. I remember feeling anxiety, stress and excitement about our new adventures to come. The unknown was a little scary, and I was hoping we were making the right decision. Now that we have lived here for a while, we can honestly say that we made the best choice.

Last Saturday afternoon as Dan and I sat outside eating at a quaint Italian deli in downtown Dallas, we talked about how we know the Lord brought us here for several reasons. We feel we are exactly where we are intended to be right now. The experiences and friends we have made will be some of our sweetest memories, and cherished forever. It's reassuring to know that not only are we happy here, but that the Lord led us to where we are supposed to be.

It's crazy to think that in one year we will be going through this same process again of praying and pondering where we should go for residency, and what type of medicine Dan will specialize in. Making these life changing decisions doesn't seem as intimidating anymore because we have successfully done it before. It's comforting to know it will all work out in the end. I am glad I am finally learning how to find joy in the journey.

Home Sweet Home.


Erin said...

It really is amazing to look back and see how the Lord paves our paths. We also feel very grateful to have ended up here in Dallas for a number of reasons.

I can't believe how fast the time goes. We are right in the middle of contemplating specialty and where
jimmy will do his away rotations. Crazy!

Kristin said...

Linds you are such a sweetheart! Tears are in my eyes as I read your cute post. Its crazy what the Lord has instore for all of us. He knows us and if we do whats right he will bless us, he has blessed you. I can tell you have really grown to appreciate dan and your eternal marraige. I love you and think so highly of you Linds. Thanks for being my friend! xoxo

Chablis said...

It is crazy how God leads our lives even when we don't feel like He is. I feel the same way about all the places we lived and now, even though I didn't want to go to Utah things are coming up and it's very clear why I need to be in Utah the next few months! It's so hard to take that leap of faith, but so worth it!

Justin and Tiffany Walker said...

Glad to hear someone else stresses about decisions...I HATE big decisions. I'm so glad it worked out for you. I remember telling Justin one night that (up to this point) I don't regret one BIG decision we have made...where to move, career, timing with kids, etc. I know we're bound to make some bad decisions at some point, but I hope it's the little ones that we learn from! Wish we could visit!

k+m said...

love this, lindsey. you have put it so perfectly. i'm totally going to print this out and read it every time i feel like i'm in slump. thanks!

PS i'm SO SO SO jealous you're going to new york!!! have a blast!

Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

It is amazing and scary at the same time how the Lord works sometimes. Brandon and I feel the same way about being here in Las Vegas. Who would have thought our Heavenly Father would send us to sin city!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see how the Lord let's us make decisions and he will guide us along the way and to look back and see just how much the Lord really cares and loves us and was looking out for us. I know that he will lead you to where you should be. I always love your post's they are fun and inspiring.