Thursday, January 21, 2010

Craft Idea

January is a boring month, so it's nice to fill the days with little projects to keep busy. I just finished a cute Valentine's Day wreath and wanted to share the idea. It was really easy to make. I got the idea from Little Birdie Secrets blog on my craft blog list.

Steps: Use fabric, I used two different, but very similar kinds of fabric. Cut the fabric in 2x2 squares. Put the fabric on the end of a pencil (be sure the fabric is in the center of the pencil), and then hot glue each piece of fabric on a heart shaped styrofoam wreath- which can be found at JoAnn's.

And voila! A darling, cheap v-day wreath to hang on your door!


Mark and Caroline said...

Love it! I'm making one. (but don't tell mark I'm going to joann) ;)

Amy & Scott said...

SOOOOOOO cute! I will have to do one;) I loved the way it turned out.

Kayley said...

that is so cute! Thanks for sharing- I'll have to try it now :)

Jamie said...

hey linds! i wanted to do this exact thing. i have been to michael's, joann's, and hobby lobby and cannot find a heart wreath! i'm still searching!