Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Photos

We had ourselves a merry little Christmas with 2 cancelled flights, one Christmas present confiscated at airport security, an almost missed flight, a bout of shingles (me again), late nights talking with family, feeling the coziness of being home for the holidays, and lots of family fun.

The Walker kids, Dan, Autumn- Dan's sister, and Sam-Dan's brother.

My little niece Capri is one of my very best friends. When we are together we are almost inseparable. We are two peas in a pod. I already miss this beautiful, perfect little girl.

We had some family photos of my side of the family done by my mom and me with my new camera! I feel like I am jumping on the photography bandwagon, but it is such a fun hobby.

Dan and I with our niece and nephews. Emerson, baby Cade and Capri.


Jamie said...

super cute pics linds! you look darling in all of them. glad you guys have been having a blast in utah. we'll have to get together soon!

Cody, Devry and Felicity said...

Hello Linds-

Thanks for always popping in to say hello! I am the worst blogger friend to have. I come in and out and sometimes disappear for a while. My husband does the updates ( I am lazy I know). Looks like you had a fun Christmas. Your camera takes cool pictures and your niece and nephews are so adorable. I always like seeing the crafty and creative things you do. You are so photogenic! Always gorgeous!

Mark & Michelle said...

Lindsey, you are woman with many talents! Love it. Glad you guys had a good Christmas. Happy New Year!

Kristin said...

Your gorgeous! thanks for the tip for my skin. I am glad you got a camera so you can blog again! Good to hear from you! xoxo Lovely lovely girli.

Chablis said...

I think you're super talented! Those are great pictures, and what a cute little shoppe, I love the colors.

Ooooo, shingles?! I'm so sorry and glad they're over. :)