Friday, November 27, 2009


mummy cupcakes I made.

I know this is really really late...especially since I have been putting up Christmas decorations all weekend, but I wanted to remember our Halloween table. It seems a little weird to be putting up Halloween pictures when it's almost December...I am way behind. I stole the picture from a friends blog because we still have no camera. It stinks!

This year for Thanksgiving we kept things simple. We wanted to go to a nice restaurant but ended up just getting Chinese. I can NOT believe we ate Chinese food on Thanksgiving. I joked around with Dan over the past few days that we would end up eating Chinese food. I didn't actually think it would happen. Ummm, I'm kinda even embarrassed to admit that. So there is my confession, I was lazy on Thanksgiving, didn't want to cook or clean.

We got up early, did some service, ate, and then I dragged Dan kicking and screaming to New Moon. I got to see it earlier last week with some friends and LOVED it. Dan absolutely hated it, so he was a good sport to go with me. All in all it was a pretty fun day. But next year, we will be having a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, hopefully with family or friends. Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!

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Tiana said...

I still haven't seen New Moon I would go with you if I was there! Love your decorations and hope all is well!