Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 years already and mom comes to visit

Wow, I have a lot of catching up to do in the blogging world, but not much time so I will do a quick update of our past couple weeks. Dan and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! It's hard to believe it's been 5 years already. People are amazed that we are even old enough to be married for 5 years and amazed that we are a Mormon couple who don't have kids yet after being married for so long.

We adopted another baby cat about a week ago. She is a Siamese cat and we named her Neeko. She is full of energy, and such a curious little thing. We love her already, but there will always be a special spot in my heart for little Jay. Is it stupid that I still cry for my little friend? I guess the healing takes time.

On a more happy note, my mom was able to visit us this past weekend and we had such a great time! We are such girly girls and spent most of our time shopping, talking, and at the spa. It was so wonderful to have her here and I am already sulking around the house because I miss her so much. While my mom was here, she also treated Dan and I to a really delicious meal at Abacus, (a nice restaurant we have been wanting to try in Dallas.) It was great and the food was just as aesthetically pleasing as well.

Obviously I didn't go blonde. Dan is so against the idea, but I might surprise him and get it done this summer! Who knows though, he loves my long, boring, dark brown hair.


Linda Boren said...

Congrats on five years! It was SUCH a treat to spend the weekend with you. I am seriously bummed at being back at my desk in the real world of deadlines, too much to do and no daughters in town! Missing you a whole bunch,
Love, Mom

Kristin said...

You look darling! I like your hair dark. We celebrated our 4 years and no kids.....your still one up on us ;) Hope to soon have them!! Maybe next month, but I am not getting my hopes up. Have been thinking about you a lot lately....sorry things didn't work out the best between us Hope all is well with you two, looks like it's going good! ;)

Mark and Caroline said...

holy cow 5 years. congrat's you guys. you've always been so cute together. i bet you had such a great time with your mom. oh wow i need a spa day, i'm jealous. i just got to ask, where's your dad? your mom comes to visit you and ash, while chris is at home, poor man. it's funny, when i was younger i was the biggest daddy's girl, now my mom is like my best friend, 2nd to marko of course. keep the posts coming, i miss you tons.

Jamie said...

happy 5 years to you guys! seems like you are really checking out all the good places to eat here! and how fun to have your mom come. i still can't believe we have both lived her for like 9 months now and still haven't seen each other!

Brandon, McKell & Ryker said...

Happy 5 year!!! Brandon and I were married 5 years before Ryker was born. I think it is great. Have a great time and do what you want before you have kids. That may sound bad, but I am glad we waited. I love it when my mom comes to visit too. Aren't moms the best!