Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ok, now I have to say something.

This is Dan again. While I normally don't care too much about writing on the blog here, I felt the need to talk about something. I got this email recently about the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA). Normally I just delete all the forwards and stuff I get but this one caught my attention. To be honest with you I am normally turned off by politics, and I generally feel like you can't trust most politicians farther than you can throw them. But this is legitimately a concern to me. You know, I personally don't have anything against Obama, but I can never get over his stance on abortion. And from what I have read on the FOCA, it is likely to go down. I don't understand how people can justify this kind of laxity towards the value of human life. From what I have read, the FOCA includes complete abolishment of all regulations and restrictions on abortions, including partial-birth abortions, no need for parental consent in underaged abortions, and requirements for alll hospitals, including religious based hospitals (like Catholic hospitals) to perform abortions. I also read that this includes the right to allow doctors/mothers to NOT provide life support to children born after the attemped abortion is botched (although I dont know if this one is just fanatic rumors). Personally, I understand people disagreements on a variety of political issues. In fact, I have never really taken sides completely with any political party and I try to see the good and bad for what they are. But this seems like a black and white issue. I already know that President Obama has signed legislature to provide government funding for abortions in foriegn countries. If the FOCA is next, I am seriously bothered. I dont know what can be done, but you can check it out here:

Being in medical school, I have frankly been a little disturbed by some of the professors that have taught us about abortions and such. Without going into too much detail, there really is a loss in some physicians minds of the sanctity of life. It is difficult for me at times to have to read and listen to doctors who so casually terminate fetal life. They have their justifications but many of them don't make sense to me at all. I have also been surprised by the risk that some of our prenatal screening programs carry for the fetus. Many of the procedures that women recieve as part of their routine prenatal care carry with them a significant increase in the chance for abortions (meaning unintentional, spontaneous abortions). Looking at the numbers, physicians tend to think that, "Well only 1-2% of the women who get these procedures spontaneously abort, thats not too much." Well if you look at the number of pregnancies during a year this is a VERY significant number of sponteneous abortions occuring. Many of the mothers are likely not even aware of the risks they are taking in getting these procedures. I don't want to freak all you mothers out, and I am certainly no expert, but there are some hard facts here that any physician will admit. These things are tough to sort out for any person, but I just think mothers should be aware. Most often this is only a problem in pregnacies over 35 (with such invasive procedures as Amniocentesis and Chorionic Villus Sampling), and many of the tests run on young mothers really have no associated risks. It is also becoming increasingly difficult for an OB/GYN to become board certified (and hence, able to practice) without learning how to perform abortions. The National Board of OB/GYN has tried to make it mandatory for all licsenced obstetricians to learn to perform abortions. There is no way I would do this man! Even if I had to drop out of school.

Ok, I'm done now. This is a blog man, it's made to speak your mind so feel free to agree/disagree, whatever. You won't bother me. All you need is love. Love is all you need. Texas is AWESOME by the way. Love it here. I used to think that people were stupid for liking Texas so much, but when you are here, it's a whole different story. Make fun of me all you want.


the Clan Walker said...

Very well thought out and poignant. Pretty hard to separate politics from religion,especially when you believe in God.

Mark and Caroline said...

dan, you leave great posts, you need to write more. i heard on the news a little about the abortion laws changing. they had talked about our tax dollars going out to fund the abortion talk. how now my tax dollars are going to teach teens about abortion. i think sure guys, instead of teaching self disciplin lets just brain wash our teens that it's ok to kill so long as it's not out of the belly. i'm glad we're part of a church that does teach the right principles and that we need to teach our kids in the home before they get the wrong message somewhere else. i'll get done from my soap box now.

Kristen and Garrett Halligan said...

I agree 100%. It's so hard to see how many women can't get pregnant and then the women who get pregnant because of a bad decision can choose to be selfish and terminate a pregnancy, when the best thing to do would be to have the baby and let someone who can't have children adopt it, kudos to any woman who chooses to give her baby a better life rather than do whats best for her.

Ryan said...

Thanks for speaking up about this, too many of us don't say what we think, and because of it we now have some terrible laws on the books. It is really sad how little people care about life, and children. I hope that our country can endure our choices.

Rowley's said...

Dan, Thank you for you insight and thoughts on this matter. This has been an issue that has weighed heavy on my heart as Obama took office. Infact once he got elected I posted a similar post on my own blog. My heart breaks to think about what this world has marked as "moral". It's nice to hear you're view from a medical stand point as well. This is the time for everyone including myself to stand up for what they believe is right.


And Linds, love ya! So glad to hear your enjoy your job!