Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jay's name

Some people have been curious about where we came up with our new little kitty's name, Jay. I would have named him something cooler like John Lennon, but Jay was his name when we adopted him. He responds to his name, (he's 8 months old), so we figured we would keep it to not confuse him anymore than he already is. He is so sweet and cuddles with me every night, but I am a little concerned about him. He is really stressed out being here and doesn't eat or drink very much, if he even does at all. Hopefully he will get used to his new home. He has even won Dan over, which is a hard thing to do when you are a cat.


The Jatens said...

Jay is still a cute name . . . I hope he gets adjusted to his new home soon. You should take him to the vet. Most vets will see your pet for free within the first 10 days if you adopted a "rescued" animal. Call around.

Devry and Cody said...

My mom has a chiuaua. They act just like cats. They have pinicky little personalities. Just give Jay more time. It takes them a while to build trust with their surroundings although they love to be in your lap and face for attention 24-7.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

He is a cute little kitty, hopefully he will calm down and start to feel a little more comfortable. It was fun to see you for a minute on Christmas Eve! I'm glad that our parents still live in the same place so we have an excuse to run into each other over holiday's and breaks. Congrats to Dan on an awesome first semester of Medical School! Seriously, what an accomplishment! All the long days and studying paid off. Well, I hope that your job is going well and you are enjoying life back in Texas.