Friday, July 11, 2008

All About Dan

Dan's Birthday Celebration:

We went to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, The Harvest.

We enjoyed a quick lunch at a Lonestar Taquiera before swimming.

At the movies to see Hellboy. Dan can get me to go see these kind of movies on his birthday.

Dessert at Coney's. Our favorite place in all of Provo. We took the long drive there to get some delicious custard!

Since Dan is turning the BIG 26 on Sunday July 13, I thought I would write a little tribute about my sweetie and some things people might not know about him. Besides the obvious that he is extremely smart, funny and talented, here are a few things about my Dan:

  • He loves music. I have never met someone who loves music more. He enjoys listening to it, writes his own music and plays the guitar. During his free time, this is pretty much what he will be doing all day. He is somewhat of a music "snob" and is very picky about what he likes!

  • He gets really bugged when people say, "In my heart of hearts."

  • He hates talking or singing animals on T.V. or in movies, especially dogs. (we aren't going to be seeing that new singing Chihuahua movie any time soon.)

  • Two of his favorite T.V. shows are The Office and Last Comic Standing, because Dan loves to laugh and make other's laugh. In fact, he really wants to try stand up comedy and I think he would be great at it.

  • He is one of the most easy going people I have ever met. It takes a lot to make him mad or sad. He is usually happy and in a good mood.

  • Everyone who meets Dan likes him. He just is one of those people that other's genuinely like easily and he doesn't even have to try at all.

  • He is really into comic book type movies like Batman, Iron Man, The Hulk, and X-men. He also really likes all fantasy type movies and books like Harry Potter, and The Lord of the Rings, to name a few.

  • Dan is an amazing teacher. He taught at BYU and when I went to visit him at school the kids in his class kept telling me, "you are soooo lucky to be married to Dan!" I ran into kids in his class randomly and they would always tell me he was their favorite teacher they have ever had.

  • He is so forgiving. He does not hold grudges at all. He has no resentment towards anyone in his life.

  • He is so smart, sometimes it is scary. I'll ask him things and be shocked that he knows the answer. He pretty much knows everything! He amazes me all the time at the things he knows off the top of his head, like the capitol to every country in the world, how to spell anything imaginable and any math problem. He especially excels in chemistry. In school, although he was good at every thing, chemistry came to him the easiest. (Maybe it's because we met in chemistry class in high school and it made such an impression on him ;)

  • He is extremely passionate about food. Although he is on a strict diet, he loves good food.

  • He watches the food network channel all the time, his favorite chef is Bobby Flay. He plans a week in advance all the restaurants he wants to go to and all the food he wants to eat on his day off from his diet.

  • He has two dream jobs that he talks about all the time. He dreams about being in a famous band and traveling around the world touring and playing beautiful music to crowds of fans. And to work as a chef on the food network and have his own cooking show.

  • He has a very unique style in clothes. He has shopped at the DI for 12 years. He wears a bolo tie to church, wears a pair of shoes til they almost fall off his feet, wears cut-off church pants, and has jeans that I swear are tighter than mine.

Happy Birthday Dan. I really am soooo lucky to be married to you! You are the best husband a girl could ask for.


the Clan Walker said...

we love him too !!!! He also has good taste in picking a wife!! Love you two!!

the Clan Walker said...

Ah! that was sweet Lindsey. Dan hates it when we brag about him but I was his mommy and have a couple of things I would like to contribute. He started talking sentences at 18 months, knew his abc's and could put puzzles together. We learned quickly that Dan was smart. But His parents loved him most for his desire to please us. To do his best in everything he pursued. For his gentle heart and kindness. He had impeccable honesty and we could trust him always. He has been one of those children we have felt blessed to have him as our own for a short time because we learned as much from him as he did from us. He is always growing, changing and getting better. We have always just given him his wings and let him fly. Happy Birthday Dan! We could never express how much you mean to us and how proud we are of the man you have become! Never have understood your strange clothing choices though.

The Durrant Family said...

OH I love danny boy too! Happy Birthday big brother. I also want to contribute that when he was just a wee lad he would run around in his little heman undies and tell the whole world " I am HEMAN!" You also are an amazing big brother. You gave me a hard time when I was little because I always wanted to be glued to your side but you finally matured and I consider you one of my bestest friends. Love you

K & M said...

You are so tiny in all those pictures! I never realized you were so short next to him! Happy Birthday to a wonderful guy I don't even know!! But anyone who likes Bobby Flay is a winner in my book!