Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Walker Family

Finally the moment I am sure you have all been waiting for. Hold on to your Pulitzers the Walkers are going public! We enjoyed seeing all the stuff going on in everyone else's life so much we wanted share a piece of our day-to-day grind. So, to start us off we just wanted to say how excited we are for the Holidays. For real, we can hardly contain our glee whenever we think of Christmas. We love the holiday season: the music, the food, the lights! Good times. This has been a crazy year for us but we are so grateful for all we have and we have been truly blessed. Dan is doin' the whole med school application thing right now and we are dreaming of all the places we might end up next year. He has gotten into a few schools already but he thinks he will just go to the school that offers the biggest scholarship. Lindsey is working at a doctors clinic in Salt Lake and finishing up her esthetician (I can hardly say that, let alone spell it). But we a have a bigger apartment in Salt Lake now and Dan has taken a lot of artistic liberties in one of the rooms. Check out the pics. Anyways, come back to our blog if you want to see what the heck we are doing or just if you are having trouble sleeping.

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